The work "Canto por el Agua" is conceived as a cantata, although not in the formal sense of the sacred or secular cantatas, nor of the popular cantatas of the 20th century. It is rather a musical piece written for six solo voices (2 from the academic world and 4 from the popular world), piano, bandoneon, percussion and string octet, divided into four movements or arias, whose common theme is water.

The first part, entitled "Sovereign Water", is -as a plot- a conceptual approach, and -as a musical aesthetics- basically a zamba air.

The second part, "Guanahani and Guami´keni", is a dialectical game between mother earth (Guanahani) and the conqueror (Guami´keni). It is important to note that the soprano texts are written in Taino, an indigenous language of the Arawak family that was spoken in the Antilles around the time of the "Spanish Conquest" and is now extinct. Although there is no definite musical form, one can glimpse both romanticism and the dramatic and descriptive aesthetics of American golden cinema.

The third part, titled "El Diablo de la Semilla" (The Devil of the Seed), aims to be the voice of the peasant, thematizing the dispossession of the multinationals Barrick Gold and Monsanto. In its musical form, it could be defined as a zamba in simple compás, with harmonies that encompass both romanticism and Argentine fusion music.

Finally, "Los sobrevivientes," which is fundamentally a tango, attempts a futuristic themed setting, in which a group of people resist the onslaughts of a present without water. The last verses of this aria are a paraphrase of the text "De agua somos" by Eduardo Galeano.











Melancholie, includes the two piano preludes by Miguel Bareilles, winners of the II International Composition Competition "Rachmaninov" (2015-2016), and other works for piano, guitar and string ensemble.

"Melancolie" invites you on a nostalgic and visionary journey. The original compositions are the result of a contrasting combination of classical music, Latin American folklore and tango. The sound result not only confirms the hybrid and timeless character of the music, but also overcomes the separation that still exists between classical and popular music.










"Solo Piano" in a compendium of piano works, covering different compositional periods. It begins with the sonata "Tiergarten bei Nacht", which was the first work that Bareilles wrote on German soil. It also includes the work Sudestada (originally for piano and orchestra) here in a four-handed piano version.










"The European face of tango"

Miguel Bareilles conceived "Kunstango" for solo piano in the spring of 2008 in Berlin. His spirit tries to show an original thesis on the genesis of tango, with respect to baroque, classical, romantic and impressionist music as its harmonic and melodic basis. Kunstango has performed with great success in the main theatres of Germany, Argentina and China.



Global Music Awards


CD Productions


Canto por el Agua (CD 2018) 

Independent Production

Recorded by Pabloz Woiz and Robert Cummings at "Blumen" studio & Hot Milk studio (Berlin).

Genre: contemporary classical






Musicians: Lily Dahab, Luciana Roffo, Antonio Saleme, Sergio Gobi, Alejandro Acosta, Lucía Luque Cooreman, Diego Vassallo, Lucía Yanzón, Karina Nuñez, Anna-Maria Huhn, Omar Massa, Martín Iannaccone, Giovanna Buccarella y Miguel Bareilles.



01) Tres preludios tanguísticos: 1st mov.

02) Tres preludios tanguísticos: 2nd mov.

03) Tres preludios tanguísticos: 3rdt mov.

04) Ausencia

05) Folkkata

06) Canto por el Agua: 1st mov. "Agua soberana"

07) Canto por el Agua: 2nd mov. "Guanahani % Guami´Keni"

08) Canto por el Agua: 3rd mov. "El diablo de la semilla"

09) Canto por el Agua: 4th mov. "Los sobrevivientes"









Melancholie (CD 2017) 

Independent Production

Recorded by Pablo Woiz at "Blumen" studio (Berlin) and Javier H. Mazzarol at Fort Studio (Buenos Aires).

Genre: contemporary classical





Musicians: Miguel Bareilles (composiciones y piano), Lucía Luque Cooreman (violín), Federico Díaz (guitarra), Nicolas Giordano (violín), Aquiles Oliva (viola), Esdras Campos (violoncello), Cristina Alarcón (violín), Ellen Marquardt (viola), Sarah Luise Raschke (violoncello).


01) Melancholie - Prelude I

02) Melancholie - Prelude II

03) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (1st. mov.)

04) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (2nd. mov.)

05) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (3rd. mov.)

06) Casandriana

07) Toccata Camila

08) Urbanisolation

09) Eurythmia

10) Agua






Solo Piano (CD 2016) 

Independent Production

Recorded by Pablo Woiz at "Blumen" studio (Berlin)

Genre: contemporary classical






01) Tiergarten bei Nacht (1st. mov.)

02) Tiergarten bei Nacht (2nd. mov.)

03) Tiergarten bei Nacht (3rd. mov.)

04) Preludio por Nosotros

05) Emancipación del Hombre

06) Emancipación del Tiempo

07) Milonguella

08) Sudestada

09) Sonata por la tierra







Kunstango (CD 2008) 

Independent Production

Recorded by Michael at "M-M" studios,


Genre: Tango fusion






01) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (1st. mov.)

02) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (2nd. mov.)

03) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (3rd. mov.)

04) Adiós Impromptu

05) Tango Belga

06) Pathetique Tango

07) Preludio a un Gordo Triste

08) Preludio, Fuga y Misterio

09) Milonguella

10) Kreisleriana Porteña

11) A Fuego Lento

12) Verano Porteño






Signos del mundo nuevo (CD 2002) 

Independent Production

Recorded by Pepe Lamm at Estudios "La Colguera", Buenos Aires.

Genre: Alternative Rock






Musicians: Miguel Bareilles (compositions, arrangements, piano, sequencer and vocals), Guillermo Arrom (guitar), Marco Pusineri (drums), Silvio Bulacio (guitar), Jonathan Burgos (guitar), Paulo Dacal (drums), Richy Ramos (bass), Florencia Bègue (choirs).

01) Algo en común

02) El fuego que consume la cruz

03) Con la venas abiertas

04) Elefantes blancos

05) Piel de plata

06) La pared

07) Bushman

08) Mapa de tu piel

09) Ana de noche

10) Every wet midnight

11) De la oscuridad

12) Sinfonía para un pájaro muerto







Cabeza de Marfil (CD 1992)

Independent Production

Recorded by Pepe Lamm at Estudios "La Colguera", Buenos Aires.

Genre: Alternative Rock






Musicians: Miguel Bareilles (Compositions, arrangements, piano, guitar, harmonica, sequencer and voice), Enrique zurdo Roizner (drums), Ana Paula Chujman (flute).


01) All my life

02) Love me

03) Cabeza de marfil

04) Mientras yo

05) Claribel y la otra chica

06) Interludio

07) Claribel y la mierda

08) Carrousel

09) En tu nombre

10) Música de sol

11) Otoño

12) Títulos



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