Piano Solo2

Independent production (2016)
Recorded by Pablo Woiz at "Blumen" studio (Berlin)
Genre: contemporary classical

"Piano Solo" in a compendium of piano works, covering different compositional periods. It begins with the sonata "Tiergarten bei Nacht", which was the first work that Bareilles wrote on German soil. It also includes the work Sudestada (originally for piano and orchestra) here in a version for piano in four hands.




01) Tiergarten bei Nacht (1st. mov.)

02) Tiergarten bei Nacht (2nd. mov.)

03) Tiergarten bei Nacht (3rd. mov.)

04) Preludio por Nosotros

05) Emancipación del Hombre

06) Emancipación del Tiempo

07) Milonguella

08) Sudestada

09) Sonata por la tierra