Musicians: Miguel Bareilles (composiciones y piano), Lucía Luque Cooreman (violín), Federico Díaz (guitarra), Nicolas Giordano (violín), Aquiles Oliva (viola), Esdras Campos (violoncello), Cristina Alarcón (violín), Ellen Marquardt (viola), Sarah Luise Raschke (violoncello).



01) Melancholie - Prelude I

02) Melancholie - Prelude II

03) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (1st. mov.)

04) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (2nd. mov.)

05) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (3rd. mov.)

06) Casandriana

07) Toccata Camila

08) Urbanisolation

09) Eurythmia

10) Agua



Melancholie, includes the two piano preludes by Miguel Bareilles, winners of the II International Composition Competition "Rachmaninov" (2015-2016), and other works for piano, guitar and string ensemble.

It also includes the work "Agua", for guitar and string quartet, 

designated "finalist work" of the International Competition of High Performance Guitar (Miquel Llobet) in Barcelona, 2018.

Agua was also distinguished by Dr. Kevin Garry as one of the best works for guitar and string quartet of the 20th century, in his article "The Guitar Quintet: from Obscurity to Celebrity, published in Classical Guitar Magazine, 2018.

"Melancolie" invites you to a nostalgic and visionary journey. The original compositions are the result of a contrasting combination of classical music, Latin American folklore and tango. The sound result not only confirms the hybrid and timeless character of the music, but also overcomes the still existing separation between classical and popular music.

Independent Production (2017)

Recorded by Pablo Woiz at "Blumen" studio (Berlin) and Javier H. Mazzarol at Fort Studio (Buenos Aires).

Genre: contemporary classical