Independent production (2008)
Recorded by Michael at "M-M" studios, Berlin.
Genre: Tango fusion

"The European face of tango"

Miguel Bareilles conceived "Kunstango" for piano solo in the spring of 2008 in Berlin. His spirit tries to show an original thesis about the genesis of tango, with respect to baroque, classical, romantic and impressionist music as its harmonic and melodic base. Kunstango has been presented with great success in the main theatres of Germany, Argentina and China.




01) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (1st. mov.)

02) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (2nd. mov.)

03) Grande Sonate Tanguistique (3rd. mov.)

04) Adiós Impromptu

05) Tango Belga

06) Pathetique Tango

07) Preludio a un Gordo Triste

08) Preludio, Fuga y Misterio

09) Milonguella

10) Kreisleriana Porteña

11) A Fuego Lento

12) Verano Porteño