Pianist & composer

"Talent is something very difficult to disguise and Miguel has it in abundance. His music shows the intellectual work, the long hours of dedication and control that a composer must have on the work at all times, without it being solved with harmonic or melodic whims misused, or, as in many cases happens, resignation.

I also noticed in his pieces the popular root infiltrated in harmonies and in the use of certain melodic intervals, and that seemed to me very valid; Perhaps because that harmonic nostalgia from time to time returns to my compositions and, far from repressing it, I welcome it as it does to an old and dear friend."


Carlos Franzetti


Winner of the first and third prizes of the II. International Rachmaninov-Competition for Composition (2015-2016), organized by the Internationale Rachmaninov-Gesellschaft e.V., Germany.

2019-Two silver medals at the " GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS ", contemporary classic and composer.

2018- 2nd Prize in the "International Piano Competition" organized by the "World Piano Teachers Association",  Colón Theater, Buenos Aires.

2018- Recently his work "Agua" for guitar and string quartet has been programmed for the final round of the International Guitar Competition of Barcelona "Miquel Llobet".

2017- His music comes to the off-Broadway, with the help of the ensemble The Fourth Wall. Soho Playhouse, 15 Vandam Street, New York City.

2016- Bareilles performed his works Urbanisolation, Toccata Camila, Balada para Demián with the renowned Argentine guitarist Federico Díaz at the Manhattan School of Music in New York.

2016- The Fourth Wall ensemble premiered its work "Milonguella" at the Boston Conservatory, as part of its series of contemporary artists, and at Le Poisson Rouge (New York), within the framework of the concert-conference on American chamber music, sponsored by the University of South Carolina and at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore).

2015- The "Orchestra of the Youth Cultural Center Skopje" in Macedonia premiered its work "Eurythmia".

2014- Bareilles presented a selection of his piano works in the framework of the II International Piano Congress entitled "Pianistic virtuosity in Latin American composers", which took place at the National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires.

2011- Bareilles received the "Best New Artist of the Year" award at the "Chinaart 2011" awards (Hangzhou, China).


The multifaceted and vast repertoire of pianist and composer Miguel Bareilles focuses on his own piano compositions, which are characterized by their technical virtuosity, stylistic complexity and Latin American inspiration. In them, Bareilles resorts to the fusion between classical music, tango and different South American rhythms, including jazz, but without abandoning his classical-romantic essence.


Bareilles began his piano studies at the age of 7 with Evi Zwillinger de Giangrante, and later studied at the National Conservatory of Music "Carlos López Buchardo" in the city of Buenos Aires and the "Instituto Superior de Música Popular", Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1981 he has performed several times as a solo pianist in the theatre "Leopoldo Lugones" (Buenos Aires), where he premiered his first composition for piano "Pequeña Sonatina Bonaerense.


Bareilles has presented his piano compositions on the German stages: Elias Kuppelsaal, Otto Braun Saal, Concert Hall of the Musikhochschule Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Russisches Theater; from Argentina: Concert Hall of the National Fund for the Arts, Roberto García Morillo Hall; as well as of China: Yixing Theatre, Enshi Theatre, Huangshi Theatre, Beilun Theater, Ningbo Grand Theatre, Dezhou Theatre, among others.


Author of several symphonies, a concert for violin and orchestra, and various symphonic works, his compositions focus, however, on chamber music, among which we can highlight, "Grande Sonate Tanguistique", "Toccata Camila", "Folkkata" (concertante toccata), "Agua" (guitar and string quartet), "Secretos de Buenos Aires" (concert suite), "Casandriana", among others.


Miguel Bareilles' concerts have been broadcast live on Chinese Television. Bareilles has also directed and produced some twenty music videos of his works, which have been permanently broadcast since 2012 on the Arpeggio TV channel of TDA, Argentina.


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Miguel Bareilles.

By Lucía Luque Cooreman and

Camerata Luque

Teatro del Libertador

Cordoba, Argentina (2023)

TANTO SUR - Miguel Bareilles.

By Julieta Burgos (vocals), Emiliano

Lorenzo (doublebass) and

Miguel Bareilles (vocals, piano and composition) 2023

INSPIRACION Prelude Concertante

 Miguel Bareilles

commissioned by the Burg

Henneberg Foundation, Germany, 2018.

AUSENCIA - Miguel Bareilles.

By Lucía Luque Cooreman (violin) y

Miguel Bareilles (piano)


Zamba Para Una Paloma Entera

Miguel Bareilles

Composition, piano and voice

19-7-73 - Miguel Bareilles/

María Cristina López Stewart.

By Camila Bareilles (vocals), Fede Diaz (guitar), Marcela San Pedro (dance)

CANTO POR EL AGUA Miguel Bareilles

ByMiguel Bareilles & MAB

(Músicos Argentinos en Berlin).


AGUA - Miguel Bareilles.

By Federico Díaz, Lucía Luque Cooreman, Nicolás Giordano, Aquiles Oliva, y Esdras Campos. 2014


Miguel Bareilles

Soloist: Ignacio Barra Macaya

Director: Luis José Recart

Orchestra Marga Marga

KIMÜN - Miguel Bareilles/

Cesar Ancalaf

By Camila Bareilles (vocals), Marie Berger (vocals), Julieta Burgos (vocals), and Fede Diaz (guitar).


Winner at the 2nd. International Rachmaninov-competition for Composition (Germany 2015-2016)

Composed and performed by Miguel Bareilles


Winner at the 2nd. International Rachmaninov-competition for Composition (Germany 2015-2016)

Composed and performed by

Miguel Bareilles

LIVE IN CHINA - Miguel Bareilles

Toccata Camila

OBSCENITY - Miguel Bareilles

and Julieta Burgos

FOLKKATA - Miguel Bareilles.

By Lucía Luque Cooreman (violin) y

Miguel Bareilles (piano)




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